The Beyond Cascadia series:


   Decades from now, humanity will still face a shifting landscape of ever-familiar, yet ever-new            geopolitical power struggles. A landscape of economic upheaval, of staggering

   hard- and bio-technological advancements.

   And as ever, forces of good and evil will continue to battle for dominance in each and every            heart...

Praise for Eclipse Rising:

"Five out of Five Stars!

With vivid imagery, an extraordinary sense of time and place, and prose that is almost poetic at times, Eclipse Rising captivates and entertains. The ending is well-done and leaves Eclipse Rising lingering in your mind.


Pierzchala skillfully develops a plot that leaves you turning page after page. The development of Chen-Diaz from start to finish is truly exceptional; Eclipse Rising is a one-of-a-kind thriller that sci-fi lovers will enjoy."

- Josh Soule, The Lost Chapte


Five Stars: Tense and Believable

"Author S. Kirk Pierzchala has crafted an immersive, fantastical, and yet eerily familiar work of futuristic fiction with plenty of thrills, spills, and interpersonal drama to offer its readers.


One of the features I found particularly impressive about this piece is its commitment to balance in all things, from the detailed worldbuilding of the political structures and personal roles in this vibrant but gritty cyberpunk world, through to the well-paced and carefully arranged emotional arc of each central character as different obstacles present themselves on their path to a brighter, more peaceful tomorrow.


One of the things I also really admired in the juxtaposition between Tomás and Owen was that neither is presented as a typical science fiction "hero" but as ordinary people caught up in extraordinary and dangerous circumstances where they are doing what they feel they must.


Overall, I would highly recommend Eclipse Rising to fans of epic science fiction that you can lose yourself in for days, readers of the existing series hungry for even more drama and intrigue, and for enthusiasts of tense and believable cyberpunk thrillers everywhere."

---K.C. Finn, Reader's Favorites

"...ultimately the warning, especially in Echoes Through Distant Glass, is the loss, for all humanity, of its connection to the Divine.

Despite its heavy subject matter this is a highly readable novel, presented in short digestible chapters and written in a sparse, stream-lined prose marked by occasional moments of poetry so subtle you may almost miss them.

This is the first novel in what promises to be a series and I am looking forward to the next one.

 ---Meg W., Goodreads

This is a futuristic masterpiece, yet its thesis is both current and relevant to any society.

Written in exquisitely vivid detail, with a host of captivating and dynamic characters, this page-turner somehow manages to fascinate its audience while seamlessly challenging and satisfying each reader’s viewpoint.

A must-read for any serious thinker and searcher of more beauty in their life."

-------H. Hoffman, Amazon

New from Northwest Indie Writer, S. Kirk Pierzchala, comes Eclipse Rising, Book Two in the new speculative fiction series,Beyond Cascadia:

Overnight, Tomás Chen-Diaz has gone from an outcast on the brink of death, to a man whose vast wealth and global connections offer staggering opportunities and responsibility.


But his bright future is soon threatened by corporate treachery and intrigue, even as he fights to keep his own family secrets hidden while settling private scores—discreetly. 


For instance: how should he dispose of his murderous brother, Francisco, who was ruled a clone and stripped of all legal rights?


And what of the plight of Selena Vasquez-Medina, the beautiful, genetically-perfected model whom Francisco seduced and betrayed years earlier? Can she be located and ever heal from her past mistreatment enough to trust Tomás?  


To aid him with these challenges, Tomás enlists the skilled American cyborg law enforcer, Owen MacIntyre. But with plenty of his own personal trauma and responsibilities to deal with, is MacIntyre ready to take on the role of behind-the-scenes player in Vibora Enterprises—and mediator between the rancorous Chen brothers themselves? 


Because his time and skills are sorely needed to help protect the unstable United States from a gathering storm of civil unrest…


Part thriller, part intimate psychological drama, this epic follow-up to Echoes Through Distant Glass tracks a memorable cast of characters as they continue to explore the vivid landscape of the almost-future, while enduring the temptations, successes, loves and loss, without which no one can truly grow.

The Beyond Cascadia Series:

The saga begins in Echoes Through Distant Glass, where an urgent warning of a potential Chinese-South American narco terror plot, targeting the already shaky U.S. economy, sends cyber security defender Owen MacIntyre to personally investigate this looming threat.


Undercover, he soon crosses paths with the unpredictable and tragic Tomás Chen-Diaz and rapidly finds himself drawn into a dark storm of international conspiracies while uncovering the dangerous, long-hidden secrets of Tomás’ powerful and enigmatic family.


As MacIntyre enters a world where science and technology invade the most sacred realms of the human heart and soul, he is forced to confront some uncomfortable truths about himself as his life changes forever in ways he cannot possibly foresee.


This debut novel is a vivid, timely and sharply-drawn vision of the near future, where sprawling dynasties manipulate the global economy, and where freedom of thought and expression have sunk to a barely guttering flame.

Coming in 2022-----


 Book Three: Solitude of Light:

After Tomás Chen-Diaz rejects the intrigues and

responsibilities of managing his charitable

foundation, he seeks a quiet life in the remote

seminary of the Servants of Christ, King of Heaven

and Earth. Here, the rigorous routine of work and

prayer strengthens men for a lifetime of service to the

Lunar and Martian colonists. He hopes these skills

will serve him well, even as he plans to remain on


But is his new religious zeal strong enough to weather 

the challenges ahead? Because he finds that jealousies

and politics thrive wherever mankind congregates, and

ultimately, even the most isolated sanctuary cannot

provide a refuge from the consequences of the Chen

family’s dark past—consequences which still haunt

both Tomás and Francisco, and which eventually

overtake them as they are forced into a stark 

confrontation on a stage more desolate and

challenging than any martian plain.