The Pacific Northwest has seen decades of civil unrest and natural disasters, including the devastating Cascadia Seismic event.


Out of the rubble, and in an attempt to defend against opportunistic Chinese interference, a consolidated law enforcement entity, the Northwest Regional Law and Safety Agency, has arisen. 

While charged with guarding the safety of the region, the Agency also maintains strict control of the populace's access to free and accurate information---an arrangement that can cause conflict between citizens and law enforcement. As well as conflict within some more sensitive personnel themselves...

Owen Dylan MacIntyre: A cyber security defender, he's pragmatic and committed to doing the right thing as he carries out his duties at the powerful Agency. 


But with a shaky moral compass, he tends to bend the rules to get the outcome he wants---and his journey to the 'right thing' just might pass through some rough territory. 


Francisco Alejandro Chen-Diaz: Wealthy and influential global plutocrat on the board of Colombia's Vibora Enterprises.


A brilliant amateur biotech scientist, Francisco has many powerful associates and a few dark secrets----and he's ready to kill to keep these hidden.



Tomás Estéban Chen-Diaz: Francisco's misfit younger brother, Tomás is always seeking to distance himself from his family's machinations and his own personal responsibility—but he can't outrun the past forever.



Sofia Volkova: A recent transplant to the West Coast, she isn't certain the cultural decay and heavy government interference in daily life is worth enduring. But she's not ready to leave yet—her relationship with MacIntyre is growing more serious and she's torn between staying near him and migrating to freer pastures. 



Gregory Park: Captain of the Information Technology Oversight Division within the Agency, Park has known MacIntyre for years and trusts him with one of the most important cases of both their careers.



Enrique Rodriguez: Trustworthy and loyal officer in the ITOD, he works closely with MacIntyre and Park on their most dangerous case yet.