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A Major Award!

My novel, Solitude Of Light, was recently awarded 3rd place in the Self-published Fiction category of the 2023 Catholic Book Awards!

To celebrate, I'm sharing a playlist of some of the songs that I listened to as I created this novel.

Music is a hugely important part of my creative process. It's not just something that relaxes---or energizes---me as I create. Music and songs invariably strike deep into my emotions and bring forth responses from my heart in ways no other art form can.

I believe what I listen to while I create has an impact on the results, hopefully for the best. Not being a musician myself, I love that I can nonetheless collaborate with other artists in a completely different discipline by making music a part of my writing routine. Sometimes, it’s as simple as having soothing ambient melodies playing while I concentrate. But while venturing deeper into the Beyond Cascadia series, I found certain songs resonated with me as being connected to particular characters; at least, a few lyrics here and there helped capture a fleeting sense of a particular mindset, or a subtle emotional shading. So the works I'm sharing here aren’t necessarily spot-on theme songs, but rather little glimpses into particular feelings I wanted to convey, perhaps just in one scene, or perhaps over the course of the characters' entire development.

So here are the links to some of the songs that inspired me while creating this installment of the Chen brothers' saga.

Viva La Vida—Coldplay

Cold Little Heart—Michael Kiwanuka

Master of Souls—Stive Morgan

I Will Follow You Into The Dark—-Death Cab for Cutie

If It Be Your Will—Leonard Cohen

City of the Dead—Eurielle

Bonus track (this last song is a new release, but when I heard it, it reminded me so much of Francisco, that I had to add it to the playlist:

Daylight---David Kushner

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