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Available now: Solitude Of Light

I'm so excited to share that the next novel in the Beyond Cascadia series, Solitude Of Light, is finally available!! Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Kobo.

In this installment, the life-long rivalry between brothers Tomás and Francisco Chen is brought to a moving and unforgettable conclusion.

(But this isn't the end of the series...the action and political intrigue will continue in Book 4, due out in 2023!!!)

Solitude Of Light is an intense and intimate psychological drama. I'm pleased to share excepts from some editorial reviews:

"A true example of principles being put to the test, people being pushed to their limits, and what happens when the past comes back with a vengeance.

Seamlessly combining futuristic, suspenseful, political, and religious elements, Solitude Of Light has something for every reader to sink their teeth into.

Pierzchala’s writing provides a strong sense of time and place, allowing the reader to feel as though they are part of the action as it unfolds. The writing is well-paced and delivers crucial plot points successfully and with strong impact.

Further developing established characters, while introducing new and interesting personalities, this new installment of the Beyond Cascadia series continues S. Kirk Pierzchala’s collection of rich characters that drive the story forward in interesting and unique ways.

Solitude Of Light will stick in your mind and live in your heart. A true work of art!"

----Josh Soule, The Lost Chapter

"The story doesn't shy away from difficult topics and isn't afraid to strip down characters to their emotional cores. Even with the small cast of characters and their isolated surroundings, the author knows how to maintain the tension and deliver shocking twists. The suspense rarely lets up and the Chen-Diaz brothers have such strong personalities that all their interactions are riveting. Solitude of Light is definitely a book aimed at readers that enjoy a deep dive into the innermost thoughts and feelings of characters who are pushed to their limits and forced to confront their flaws. It can make for harrowing reading at times but also ensures that Tomás and Francisco won't fade from readers' memories anytime soon.”

--Heinrich Bolton, Manybooks

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