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Beyond Cascadia: Book One: Echoes Through Distant Glass

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Note: If you don't have a Kindle or a Nook, you can still download those reading apps to your Android device to access ebooks! For Kindle, try here. For Nook, try here.

Check out the exciting premise of the debut book in the Beyond Cascadia series:

Cyber Security Defender Owen MacIntyre is trained to guard the Pacific Northwest against the importation of illicit technologies. Dedicated, focused and pragmatic, he also monitors his fellow citizens' severely restricted access to information. While good at his job, he is reluctant to admit his duties are ethically problematical---much to the distress of his old-fashioned patriotic girlfriend, Sofia Volkova.

Tomás Estéban Chen-Diaz is heir to an untouchable global corporate family chaebol that operates according to their own set of exclusive rules. But despite his privileged birth, Tomás exists as a tragic, powerless nomad living at the whim of Francisco Alejandro, his arrogant and conniving elder brother.

When MacIntyre is tasked to investigate a Chinese-backed terror plot, the paths of all three men intersect and MacIntyre soon finds himself enmeshed in dark family secrets—secrets Francisco is desperate to keep hidden.

Unprepared for the Chen-Diaz brothers' backlash against his investigation, Owen is marked for death but survives. Following this vicious reprisal, he is forced to adjust to life as a cyborg, and must deal with the havoc his subsequent PTSD wreaks on his career and deepening relationship with Sofia.

Meanwhile, as Tomás struggles to distance himself from Francisco's crimes, he is thrust further into the international spotlight and becomes a clear target for MacIntyre's growing obsession with the Chen-Diaz family. This obsession travels a razor's edge between vengeance and justice, as Owen is threatened to be consumed by his feelings of vulnerability and betrayal.

Timeless themes of humanity are deftly woven into a tapestry of relevant geo-political and bioethics issues in this memorable cyberpunk drama. The vivid prose, haunting imagery and unforgettable characters will linger with the reader long after the thought-provoking and emotional conclusion.

Book One of the Beyond Cascadia series, Echoes Through Distant Glass is a vivid, timely and sharply-drawn vision of the near future, where sprawling dynasties manipulate the global economy, and where freedom of thought and expression have sunk to a barely guttering flame.

Available at Amazon in ebook or paperback. Available at Barnes and Noble in ebook, paperback or hardback editions!

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