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It's been a busy few months all around, not counting the craziness happening nationally and globally! I'm happy to finally announce that a hardback copy of Eclipse Rising has gone to a lucky winner in Washington State.

The ebook version of Eclipse Rising is currently on sale for .99 at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and here on this site, so if you want a nice, thick epic to round out the last days of summer, check it out!

And here's some more of the amazing feedback this novel is receiving from readers:

Five out of Five Stars!

"Although Eclipse Rising explores and highlights a world of advanced technology and surveillance, the characters remain decisively human and ultimately relatable for the reader. The plot is expertly immersed in a technologically advanced world, while the characters, in their unique and complex personalities and development, drive the story forward to a satisfying conclusion. With vivid imagery, an extraordinary sense of time and place, and prose that is almost poetic at times, Eclipse Rising captivates and entertains. The ending is well-done and leaves Eclipse Rising lingering in your mind. Pierzchala skillfully develops a plot that leaves you turning page after page. The development of Chen-Diaz from start to finish is truly exceptional. Eclipse Rising is a one-of-a-kind thriller that sci-fi lovers will enjoy."

- J. Soule, The Lost Chapter

"Aside from praising the author's vast imagination, with all the tech advancements and gadgets available, this book is a good blend of fantasy, thriller, and a suitable dosage of drama. It is a quest about a man with a second chance to live...and his opportunity to work wonders or cause disgrace using his limitless resources. Super fun, even if you haven't read the first book." (4 out of 5 stars, Amazon)

"Eclipse Rising: Beyond Cascadia, Book Two...continues on the stories of Owen and Tomas as their roles in the world change along with the environments around them. Tomas has been on both ends of the spectrum; he has been barely staying alive with nothing to his name, and he has now created an empire with almost unlimited resources and power...Owen is coming with his own baggage as he is being hunted because it is believed he has been part of a hostile event in Oregon. The action is intense and keeps the reader interested the entire time...I highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys science fiction novels." (5 out of 5 stars, Amazon)

"In the second book of the Beyond Cascadia series, the author does a fine job expanding the futuristic world the story is set in and developing the characters. In Eclipse Rising, the readers have the feeling of a follow-up that delivers all the expected features and goes beyond, without losing its sense of realness. Even though it is set in the future, and there are many differences to our world, nothing seems unbelievable. That makes this an immersive reading experience that I thoroughly enjoyed." (4 stars, Amazon)

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