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Cover Reveal!

Book Two is almost ready for publication----watch for updates!

In the meantime, I'm thrilled to share the final design for the cover, with the back cover tease below:

(c) Heron's Gate Press, 2021

The story:

Tomás Chen-Diaz’ sudden rise to wealth and power forces him to navigate an entirely new world, a world bright with responsibility and great promise—but also fraught with hazards and treachery. And even as he attempts to put his personal mark on the family's corporate legacy, the trauma of his past is slow to heal and he has some outstanding scores to be settled discreetly.

How is he to dispose of Francisco, his murderous brother, who was ruled a clone and stripped of all legal rights? And what about the plight of Selena Vasquez-Medina, the beautiful, genetically-perfected model whom Francisco seduced and betrayed years earlier? Can she be located and ever heal from her past mistreatment enough to trust Tomás?

To aid him with these challenges, Tomás enlists the skilled American cyborg law enforcer, Owen MacIntyre. But is MacIntyre ready to take on the roles of behind-the-scenes player in Vibora Enterprises—and mediator between the rancorous Chen brothers themselves?

Because his time and skills are also sorely needed to help protect the unstable United States from the advancing storm of civil unrest…

In this epic installment of the Beyond Cascadia speculative fiction series, the memorable characters encountered in Echoes Through Distant Glass continue to explore the vivid landscape of the almost-future, as they endure the temptations, successes, loves and loss without which no one can truly grow.

Eclipse Rising will soon be available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and directly from this site. It will be in both ebook and physical formats!

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