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Reviews and Interviews!

My latest novel, Solitude Of Light, is striking some deep emotional chords with readers! I'm humbled and delighted by the wonderful feedback it's received so far.

Here's a sampling of reader reviews:

"With a unique narrative style and a surreal edge to the plot that makes it a masterwork of symbolic storytelling, this book is challenging, entertaining, and experimental in all the best ways."---5 stars, Amazon reader

"This is one of those books that is unlike anything else in the genre. It blends fantasy with religion to create something new and exciting. I think fans of good vs. evil will enjoy this read and the characters that we meet along the way."---5 stars, Amazon reader

Here is a round-up of some recently published editorial reviews:

In addition, I was recently interviewed for several different book-related sites!

The interviewers asked some great questions, so to get a glimpse into my creative process, check out these brief pieces:

Ian Wilson's blog (sign up for updates while you're there -- he writes cool stuff!)

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