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"Silence and Starsong" Magazine Now Available!

I'm thrilled to finally reveal that I have two short pieces included in the inaugural issue of "Silence & Starsong" magazine! Silence and Starsong is a site that, in their own words, "is an online and print magazine inspiring wonder and awe through stories of high strangeness and other modern fairy-tales for grown-ups."

To that end, they look to the examples set by writers such as George MacDonald, C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien and Charles Williams. You can learn more here.

My two pieces, entitled "Free Lunch" and "The Secret of Phelim Darke", are brand-new tales that have not been previously published. They won't be available anywhere else for awhile, so if you want to read them, (to say nothing of the other excellent works in this volume), you can order an ebook or a physical copy here.

And after reading, please leave a review!!

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