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Still Alive!

So, it seems it's been about a month since I last posted! I had planned on doing an end-of-year review, or at least sharing my thoughts on some current events, but it was all so heavy, I didn't feel I needed to be throwing my two cents into the maelstrom of opinions.

In any case, my New Year got off to a roaring start, then promptly stalled when the deep freeze set in! A week cooped up with an energetic dog and five young adults made me re-think my plans to re-locate the family to a remote research station in Antartica...pretty sure we aren't cut out for that kind of life.

However, while I haven't done much non-fiction writing, I've been very busily focused on numerous fiction projects and can happily report they are humming along nicely!

The latest draft of book five of Beyond Cascadia, working title "Stare at the Sun", is completed and will be sent to Beta readers in a week or so! While this installment is not the last novel in the series, it will wrap up the "secession" theme, as personified by the rivalry between Owen MacIntyre and Hayden Singer. I hope readers will enjoy witnessing the high-stakes drama as much as I have enjoyed crafting it!

While I await feedback from my Beta team, I will switch gears and focus on some other, smaller, draft projects that have been clamoring for attention in the back of my mind...more to be revealed later!

I am optimistic "Stare at the Sun" will be published some time in the Fall. That gives folks plenty of time to catch up on the series!

Reminder: If you choose to buy an ebook directly from my shop, I keep more profits than I would for one purchased through Amazon or the other platforms. Of course, you are welcome to shop wherever you're most comfortable!

And don't forget to leave a review!

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