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Welcome, New Subscribers!

Chances are, you're reading this because you recently participated in a Kindle Thriller/Mystery Giveaway and signed up to subscribe to ""!

Heartfelt greetings to all my new subscribers, I am thrilled you're here! (And of course, hello again to old friends)!

Don't worry, I won't be cluttering up your inbox. Trust me, I really value your time, so I only post when I have something I believe is worthwhile!

So, what's the "Beyond Cascadia" techno thriller series all about? It's about a future that's just around the corner, where politics, science and technology continue to shape--and often corrupt--our world, but where people will always be people, asking the big questions, making mistakes and overcoming hardships to remain, ultimately, human.

As my fans know, I've been hard at work on the fifth installment of the Beyond Cascadia series, entitled "Stare at the Sun", and can happily report that edits are going well!

"Stare at the Sun" a pretty chonky thriller, and will probably weigh in at about 450 pages! It's bursting with intrigue and action, but also includes plenty of the signature psychological depth I bring to my stories! This means there's lots of dark as well as light, so this story is definitely for adults or mature teens. I also explore some of the spiritual/otherworldly themes I introduced in earlier works.  

In addition, I'm planning to do something special with this book that I haven't done with any of the others in the series, but I'm not going to say more about that just yet---you'll have to stay tuned for further announcements!

In the meantime, newcomers are encouraged to browse this site to learn more about me and my projects! Be sure to view the book trailers on the main page! I had so much fun putting those together from a variety of free (or nearly free) resources, and I think they are pretty darn cool.

Also, more importantly, be sure to check out the books themselves and catch up on the adventures of Owen and Sofia MacIntyre, Tomás Chen, Hayden Singer and all the other characters that make the Beyond Cascadia series so memorable! You can help me maximize my royalties by purchasing any ebook title direct from my shop.

But if you prefer, Amazon, B&N, Kobo or Google Play Books. are all options, too!

Everyone, new subscribers and old fans alike, are being offered this handy read-order chart, so feel free to download and print!

Download PDF • 6.76MB

When you download, you get this single-page chart that explains more about the series:

Again, welcome and thanks for subscribing!


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