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What readers are saying about Echoes Through Distant Glass---

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

Thoughtful feedback for is coming in for my timely and relatable new sci-fi novel, Echoes Through Distant Glass!

From Amazon:

"This is a futuristic masterpiece, yet its thesis is both current and relevant to any society. Written in exquisitely vivid detail, with a host of captivating and dynamic characters, this page-turner somehow manages to fascinate its audience while seamlessly challenging and satisfying each reader’s viewpoint. A must-read for any serious thinker and searcher of more beauty in their life."

----H. Hoffman.

"This wonderful novel is fast-paced, has compelling and realistic characters, is written in beautiful language, and has an intense and well thought out plot. Very much worth the read!"

---Daniel R.

"Full of poetic prose and complex characters, this is a surprising thriller. Set in the not so distant future, it gave me a lot to think about today. I loved the characters and look forward to more adventures with MacIntyre."

--S. Smith

From Goodreads:

"Portraying a world held utterly captive by technology and surveillance and kept that way through chemical dependency, the author makes an unexpected choice to tell us about this world through two characters, a cyber security officer and a member of a ruling family in the Mexican-Chinese drug cartel, who are intimately and naively complicit in the furtherance of these two systems of control. The two characters mirror each other in a way that makes their strange friendship both believable and moving.

Like the series Dark Mirror, there are many things in Echoes Through Distant Glass that will make readers uncomfortable at how all too close for comfort some of its speculations are, no matter what your political slant is it is hard to deny the warnings presented here, even if the reasons for how we get there are debatable." read the rest of the review, click here!

To see for yourself, click here: Amazon! Or at Barnes and Noble, if you have a Nook reading device ebook and paperback editions are now available. At Barnes and Noble, the gorgeous hardback edition is now available, so whether you're a tech-savvy reader who loves the convenience of an e-reader device, or an old fashioned book-lover who relishes the feel and weight of a solid, well-crafted volume in your hands, I've got you covered! And given the potential for censorship of digital libraries, I recommend getting both options!

NOTE: Due to Covid-19 issues, shipping times for the paperback edition might be impacted.

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