Cyber Security Defender Owen MacIntyre is highly trained to guard the Pacific Northwest against the importation of banned technologies. Dedicated, focused and pragmatic, he also monitors his fellow citizens' severely restricted access to information.

While good at his job, he is less than honest with himself that his duties may be ethically problematical---much to the distress of his girlfriend, the old-fashioned and patriotic Sofia Volkova.


Tomás Chen-Diaz is heir to an untouchable global corporate family chaebol that operates according to their own exclusive rules. Despite his privileged birth, Tomás exists as a tragic, powerless nomad living at the whim of Francisco Alejandro, his arrogant and conniving elder brother.


The paths of all three men intersect in deadly ways when MacIntyre is tasked to investigate an imminent Chinese-backed terror plot. MacIntyre soon finds himself targeted for vengeance while enmeshed in the Chen-Diaz family's dark secrets--secrets Francisco is desperate to keep hidden but which MacIntyre is determined to bring to matter how heavy a professional and personal toll it will demand of him. 


In this memorable cyberpunk techno thriller, timeless themes of humanity are deftly interwoven within a tapestry of relevant geo-political and bioethics issues. The vivid prose, haunting imagery and unforgettable characters will linger with the reader long after the thought-provoking and emotional conclusion.

Hardback w/dust jacket

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    To stop a Chinese-backed terror plot against a weakened United States, an undercover law enforcer confronts powerful global interests and is nearly killed for his efforts.

    But his enemies discover they have created a cyborg adversary who is determined to bring their illicit biotechnology project to light---and to justice.

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