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A grim dawn rises in the Pacific Northwest…


The progressive “Successor” party has seized control of the West Coast, further isolating the region from the decayed and feckless United States. Imposing their warped utopian vision on the defenseless citizens, the leaders of the new nation of Pacifica swiftly ramp up persecution of all social and religious opposition.


In a haven far from the chaos, American cyber defender Owen MacIntyre hears disturbing rumors about conditions in his former home, but there’s little he can do to help. Frustrated and powerless, he wonders if it’s time to abandon politics and focus instead on building a peaceful life elsewhere with his wife, Sofia.


But Owen’s ex-supervisor, Pacifica’s Chief Enforcer Hayden Singer, has other ideas. Even a world away, he has MacIntyre dead in his sights and is determined to make him pay for his disloyalty.


Thus politics becomes personal when the fugitive couple is caught in a revenge-fueled scheme that rips their family apart. Desperate and driven, Owen and Sofia will need every skill at their disposal—and some top-secret, risky new technology—to overcome the nightmare of Singer’s sadistic plans.

Harshest Dawn PDF

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