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From award-winning author S. Kirk Pierzchala, a collection of sixteen short pieces that encompass humor, horror and wonder across a generous selection of political satire, science-fiction, paranormal and mystical fables.


End Game: A woman's desperate warnings of impending disaster are ignored, until she speaks the ultimate words of power.


Experts Agree: During an endless pandemic, the authorities will always know what's best, even if it makes no sense.


When Fall the Scales: A dutiful citizen is grateful to receive an implant that promises relief from her dystopian existence.


Resolution of Impossible Goals: A cynical doctor discovers how to cash in on one of the most twisted trends in modern society.


The Shield: A vulnerable, homeless teen is saved by an unexpected handout.


Hounded: He can run, but can't hide, from something that's been pursuing him all his life.


Leaving Home: Some journeys get cut short, but are still worth taking.


Free Lunch: A young girl confronts an ancient evil seeking to enslave her family. Is her book-learning enough to save them?


Olivia's Beach: A child escapes unimaginable horror, but will lingering darkness contaminate her safe haven?


Mother's Love: When Aubrey contends with a supernatural force for the life of her newborn, she and her child must live with the consequences.


Chiron Awakes: When a clever scientist creates a fabulous entity, will his dreams of fame be destroyed as he battles for the creature's loyalty?


Powers and Principalities: On his first day in office, the new American President learns some mind-bending truths about his duties. Is he strong enough to stand up to the true powers behind the throne?


The Dark Beyond: A young man leaves his brutal and primitive village to seek answers to life's most disturbing questions.


Pareidolia: A young boy is relieved to learn that the faces haunting him in patterns are just a trick of his mind...probably.


The Secret of Phelim Darke: A suave womanizer realizes his latest conquest has some secrets of her own.


Ruin of Souls: The last living human has no power to resist the relentless enemy who has plagued mankind forever. Are there any heroes left at the farthest reaches of the universe?

Powers and Principalities: Short fiction (epub)

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