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Book Four Cover Reveal and Sneak Preview!

Harshest Dawn cover proposal, (c) Ryan Williamson

Here's the latest version of the cover for Beyond Cascadia Four: Harshest Dawn!!

Of course, there will be some final tweaking, but I am so pleased with how it is turning out, I couldn't wait to share! The novel is the final stages of editing and proofing, and is on track to be released in March!

Enter to win a FREE signed hardback edition, (no purchase necessary, drawing to be held in April, exact date to be determined). Put your name in the hopper by replying "I'm in" to this post, emailing me through this site, or DM me on Twitter or Facebook.

In the meantime, here's a brief tease for Harshest Dawn, which focuses on Owen MacIntyre and resumes action following the conclusion of Eclipse Rising:

A grim dawn rises in the Pacific Northwest...

The “Successor” party has seized control of the region and broken from the United States, waging a brutal campaign against all opposition in their march to establish a progressive utopia.

Far from the chaos, American cyber defender Owen MacIntyre is powerless to influence events in his former home. Weary of political intrigue, he wonders if it’s time to focus instead on building a new life for himself and Sofia elsewhere.

But he can't escape the reach of the ruthless new regime: soon, he's thrust back into the conflict when Chief Security Enforcer Hayden Singer ramps up a personal vendetta and threatens his growing family.

Using every skill at his disposal—and some risky new technology—MacIntyre will put it all on the line to thwart Singer’s sadistic plans. But are the odds against him?

I hope this fires up your interest, and you'll be ready to continue exploring the Beyond Cascadia saga when the next installment releases!

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